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Industry Coverage
Case Studies
21 Oct
Retail & Wholesale
Impact of automation technologies in retail industry

Assessing role of automation technologies in improving customer experience, e

23 Oct
Key Enterprises - priorities, challenges and initiatives

The overall objective of this study focused on the organizations’ top g

25 Oct
Assessment of IVD modalities in the indian market

A global leader in healthcare consulting wanted to understand the current In-

30 Oct
Researching analytics maturity model across industries

Our team executed this research to understand the level of sophistication of

01 Nov
Professional Sevices
A deep dive on the competitive landscape of the consulting business in India

The client wanted to assess theenhancers and changes in the buyer landscape a

05 Nov
Sustainability initiatives - The role of technology in tackling climate change

Our client wanted to understand in-detail the role that technologies can play

07 Nov
Hybrid cloud infrastructure – managing costs and performance

Understanding the decision making process of companies to invest in solutions

08 Nov
SAP workload and its implementation on cloud platforms

Understanding the market proposition of SAP solutions and its migration to pu

09 Nov
Market Assessment-privileged access management software and services

Evaluating the current market for Privileged Access Management software and s

11 Nov
Benchmarking the finance and SG&A expenses across industries

The data mining focused on benchmarking the cost and FTE structure for financ

01 Jan
Telematics Solutions – Usage & Impact.

01 Jan
Logistics Benchmarking

01 Jan
Understanding the Fleet Management System

01 Jan
Evaluation on the current and future use of engine powered machines

01 Jan
Future casting the Next Era of Lubricants

01 Jan
Security Assessment Study

The overall objective of this study focused on understanding the security ass

01 Jan
Saudi Aramco Study

The overall objective of this study focused on understanding the operational

01 Jan
Use of CMMS Platform in a Healthcare facility

The overall objective of this study focused on understanding the operational

01 Jan
Performance and cost estimation of corporate laboratory assets

The primary objective of these customer interviews is to gather inputs from l

01 Jan
Solutions used in Food Testing Laboratories

The primary objective is to understand the solutions used for indicator food

01 Jan
IT Support Services

The overall objective of this study focused on understanding the business cha

01 Jan
IT Security Challenges

To learn more about the challenges facing IT security professionals in the B2

01 Jan
IT Security and Strategy

A leading global technology company wanted to understand the usage of IT Secu

01 Jan
Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Space

01 Jan
Cybersecurity in Smart Factories

01 Jan
IT Security and MSP’s