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HBG delivering industry insights for decision makers to acquire competitive edge.

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HBG offers perfect solutions for insight seeker
For Enterprises

Enterprises and corporates need expert dialogue to asses business problems and our knowledge base schedules quick assessment for real time solutions. Our network allows business decision makers to acquire insights on threats and opportunities in their respective fields.

Our knowledge center helps Enterprises for:-
  • Corporate Strategy

    Corporate Strategy

  • Mergers & Acqusitions

    Mergers & Acqusitions

  • R&D and Innovation

    R&D and Innovation

  • Product Development

    Product Development

For Private Equity & Hv's

Market insights and expert commentary on potential investment opportunities is vital and our knowledge center covers that for you. What impacts market dynamics is what we deliver real time.

Our knowledge center helps private equity firms for:
  • Due Dilligence

    Due Dilligence

  • Portfolio Management

    Portfolio Management

  • Opportunity Assessment

    Opportunity Assessment

  • Market Impact

    Market Impact

For Consulting & Advisory

Real time and on-demand experts can share insights supporting your custom advisory projects. Domain specific insights are critical for quick advisory and value creation is our ideology.

Our knowledge center helps consulting firms for:-
  • Industry Trends

    Industry Trends

  • Market & Opportunity Assessment

    Market & Opportunity Assessment

  • Industry Best Practices

    Industry Best Practices

  • Strategy Formulation

    Strategy Formulation

Our team source best industry experts for consultation and advisory purposes. Our bespoke solutions and offerings give our clients access to a quick dialogue with niche audiences across domains

Global Coverage

We cover all major markets and industries

Faster Turnaround

We onboard experts within 24-48 hrs from requisition

Easy & Flexible Model

We offer simple modes to engage with experts.Tailored collaboration

Our Process Optimization And Tested Approach Leads to Client Success

Our consultative approach and hardworking project teams follow a standardized process to deliver the best matching profiles to meet your research requirements. Our approach helps to connect best-suited experts with insight seekers.

  • Quick Requirement Review

  • Profile Search With in The Network

  • Profile Sharing For Review

  • Phone Screening & Validation

  • Schedule Consultation

HBG offers multiple solutions matching your needs to address complex business challenges and market impacts
1on1 Consultations

HBG swiftly connects you with industry experts for telephonic or in-person consultation.

Video Consultations

HBG allows you to consult with top-rated industry experts by connecting with them online while enhancing your experience of virtual consultation.

FGD's and Bulletin Boards

HBG helps you Effectively measure your research scope by forming larger participant communities. Design tasks, activities and get your question sets answered parallelly enabling all participants to shareopinion-thoughts-insights as and when they login to your live research board/projects.


HBG helps scheduling webinars, seminars and round tables while onboarding our industry leaders, speakers and ideologists. Our experts provide value and industry expertise on each event hosted and sponsored for the fraternity.

Short-Term Projects

HBG onboards best matching experts for a set duration projects or tasks for corporates and businesses. We help in creating a unique team for a pre-defined contractual period.

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