Cybersecurity in Smart Factories-Quant

Cybersecurity in Smart Factories-Quant

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Cybersecurity in Smart Factories -Quant

The Objective of the Study

Our client intended to understand the current state of cybersecurity preparedness of organizations with regards to their smart factory value chain. They wished to determine the key challenges that hinder a holistic cybersecurity implementation and response. Also, aiming to understand organizations’ perspective on distinction between IT and OT cybersecurity preparedness. Building on a survey of organizations across sectors and countries and extensive secondary research to accomplish these objectives. This research investigates cybersecurity from an intelligent manufacturing and smart factories perspective. Defining cybersecurity in smart factories as all measures needed to secure information technology (IT), operational technology (OT), and IIoT (industrial internet of things) across identification, protection, discovery, response, and recovery against cyber threats.


Key Screening Points


  • Survey of 950 senior executives from the cybersecurity function and C suite executives from large manufacturing organizations (>$1 billion in annual revenues, 25-30 questions).

  • Respondents must be leading or closely associated with their organization’s operational technology cybersecurity initiatives.

  • At least 20% of the organizations should have more than $10 billion in annual revenues.
  • Target Countries: Germany, France, USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden, China, Australia, Brazil, and Canada.
  • Target organizations primarily operating in:
    • Consumer products
    • Automotive
    • Semiconductor and hi-tech
    • Chemicals (including petrochemicals)
    • Heavy Industries (Industrial and capital goods machinery)
    • Pharma and life sciences
    • Aerospace and Defence
    • Energy and Utilities

Key Discussion Points

  • This research aimed to explore the key objectives below:
    • Explore the current preparedness of manufacturing organizations against cyberthreats in smart factories.
    • Assess how organizations detect, respond, and mitigate cyber-threats on their smart factory value chain.
    • Uncover key challenges plaguing cybersecurity in smart factories.
    • Ascertain the building blocks to cyber-secure smart factories.
  • Understanding the current state of cybersecurity threats for smart factories.
  • Understanding cybersecurity preparedness in their organization.
  • Understanding the challenges in smart factory (OT/IIOT) cybersecurity preparedness in their respective organization.
  • Understanding OT/IIOT cybersecurity best practices.

HBG Solution

  • Within 3-4 weeks, HBG team successfully delivered 950 quantitative interviews with C suite executives and direct reports from large manufacturing organizations working in cyber security function.
  • Our team implemented numerous validations for flawless data collection like IPs checks, straight-liners checks, attention checks, LOI checks etc. along with some dummy questions.
  • Our team met the overall targets within the stipulated timeframe with optimum efficiency and quality.

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