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Research Solution

Market entry strategy

Market Entry Strategy

We help you understand most critical elements for market entry by measuring:

  • Addressable market opportunity
  • Overall appeal and distinctiveness of the product
  • Credibility: is it possible for such a model to work
  • What are the perceived shortcomings?
  • Sustainability of the brand
product and pricing strategy

Product & Pricing Strategy

With the help of Best-in-class knowhow on consumer behaviour and thinking we help organizations design the most effective Product & Pricing strategy and create better customer and sales experience. With the ability to refine your marketing mix and assess outcomes via real-time simulations we propose greater clarity and control in framing consumer friendly pricing strategy.

HBG Product & Pricing strategy not only decode the critical success factors to enter the market and identify various revenue impacts of the various market shifts but also helps modelling service bundles with greatest uptake potential around baselines offers

competitive intelligence and benchmarking

Competitive Intelligence & Benchmarking

HBG analysis give a guidance to competitive benchmarking & gain market share

  • First, we understand which of the customers’ needs are not being met by any player today which client can tap into
  • Secondly, we identify and understand what the competition is doing differently to gain traction
  • Third, a realistic check of the Client USP’s that can be leveraged on basis whether customers see them as being significant and relevant
  • We also analyze offerings which are not valued by customers
voice of customer

Voice of Customer

This analysis helps understand the gap between expectation and satisfaction of customers. Derived importance analysis is done to identify what are the actual needs. It identifies the attributes / parameters which are cutting through clutter and are of real importance to respondents.

HBG Customer Engagement model measures the extent to which customers consistently ‘Say’ positive things about the product, desire to ‘Stay’ with the brand, and ‘Strive’ to contribute business success. This also helps identify primary “drivers” of Engagement and magnitude of expected improvement (or decline) when action is (or is not) taken.

brand tracking

Brand Tracking

We have built market leading deep customer knowledge that is enabling our clients to be more agile, more relevant and more profitable within their target markets

Consumer behaviour and insights is our compass for measuring Brand Performance Key questions answered through our Analytics

  • Brand performance – What is the relative brand performance today within various consumer segments? how much is the brand able to attract and convince the consumers of competing brands or non-users of the category to ‘prefer’ or ‘switch over’ to the brand
  • Marketing Mix optimization – What specific changes to the marketing mix will improve the brand performance?
  • Brand satisfaction and ratings on mix elements – What is overall brand satisfaction and which marketing mix elements matter?